the circus landscape of Victoria.

Island Circus Space strives to build a contemporary circus infrastructure for Victoria that enables the community to make art, be physically active, collaborate and develop professional talent and shows. 

circus in Goldstream park near Victoria British Columbia



Coral Crawford was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It was there that she was first exposed to gymnastics and the upside-down life, and since then she has never looked back.

Training and competing as a competitive gymnast and dancer allowed her excel in the physical arts, but it wasn’t until she moved to Vancouver, BC that she discovered circus, an art form that allowed her to combine all of her passions into one. While in Vancouver Coral trained and performed with The Underground Circus where she trained in aerials, hand balancing and partner acrobatics.

Aside from receiving her bachelor’s in Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Saskatchewan, Coral is also a NCCP certified gymnastics and trampoline coach, Vinyasa yoga instructor and certified AcroYoga teacher. When not training circus you can usually find Coral exploring the BC coast, dabbling with guitar, working as an Orthoptist, or eating sushi and handstanding with friends.

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Coral Crawford circus artist Island Circus Space

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Lisa was born in Victoria, Canada. Growing up you would say she was a bit of an attention seeker; she performed ABBA concerts in her living room and elaborately choreographed dance and gymnastic routines with her friends.

A culmination of these talents were reached when she graduated The National Circus School of Montreal in 2010 as a partner acrobatic flyer on trampoline. After she then went on to gain 2 ½ years of touring experience with Cirque Eloize where she discovered Cyr Wheel. Following Eloize she has worked with Les 7 Doigts de la Main, Les Productions Haut-Vol, and most recently Australian based company, Circa Contemporary Circus. Lisa has performed in over 15 countries, 2 international circus festivals, and a 6-month run of Wunderkammer in Berlin’s Chämeleon Theatre.

Lisa loves to geek out with music research, going for a good libation with friends and simply pressing next episode on Netflix.

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Lisa Eckert circus artist Island Circus Space

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My name is eve.. bla bla bla 


My name is eve.. bla bla bla 


My name is eve.. bla bla bla 


My name is eve.. bla bla bla 



An accomplished and well traveled professional circus artist, Kaelyn’s roots are anchored on the west coast of Canada. Growing up in Victoria BC, she began training at age five with Falcon Artistic Gymnastics. Kaelyn started competing at the age of ten and within a few years was competing at the National Open level.

She discovered a passion for circus at the age of eighteen when she moved to Montreal to begin training at  one of the top circus schools in the world, École nationale de cirque (ENC). She graduated from ENC with a diploma in the circus arts specializing in Double Bar trapeze, coached by Véronique Thibeault. Since then she has been performing around the world in places such as Argentina, South Korea, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK and Canada. She has worked for internationally renowned circus companies  Les 7 doigts de la Main, Cirque Éloize, Palazzo, Circus Roncalli, Chamäleon Theater, Brix Productions and MS Europa 2.

A hard-working and down to earth performer by nature, Kaelyn is recognized especially for her ability to blend power and grace in her highly acrobatic and stunningly beautiful aerial numbers.

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“I have to do it.  It is in the very fiber of my being.  I tried to stop doing it once and my soul couldn’t take it.”

11+ years experience on many diverse stages.  Jake has created highly engaging, energetic, interactive performances and presentations which include comedy/clown/character and prop manipulation. Intensely physical, Jake brings a dynamic presence to the stage.  He is currently on the clown audition list for Cirque du Soleil.

Sample list of past performances: Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, BMW, Pepsi, Maytag, Cenovus, Vancouver Circus School, Children’s Cancer Foundation, and hundreds more street shows, festivals, special events and theaters.

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