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Frequently asked Questions

  • Do I need an athletic or artistic background to participate? How do I determine which level of class to take?
    We have classes for all levels from absolute beginner to seasoned practitioner! As a general rule, we ask that you start in one of our New to Circus classes. Please check the class descriptions as some Level 1 classes have pre-requisites! All prerequisites can be found on the classes page. We do recommend you consult your physician if you have concerns about starting a new style of training. We offer classes that range from moderate to high intensity and we encourage each student to use accurate self-assessment in determining if a class is right for them.
  • How do I make an account?
    If you are new to the studio, great! Welcome! You can register here We have a $10 class pass available to all new students, head to our Pricing page for more details! If you decide to purchase the $10 pass, click on the $10 button and you'll be taken to our system where you can create an account. The pass must be purchased before you register for your chosen class. If you're making an account to register your child, please follow the instructions on our Kids Classes page Email us if you have questions
  • What do I wear and bring?
    Masks are no longer required but they are still recommended so we advise you to have one with you. Please wear comfortable, close-fitting clothes with sufficient coverage that allows you to move freely and invert without your face becoming obstructed. If you are participating in any aerials class we recommend pants that cover the knees, sometimes long sleeve shirts, and please have your hair tied up for safety reasons. Clothing with zippers or any other metal are not allowed on the equipment. Please remove all jewelry including rings, necklaces, bracelets, large earrings, etc. Minimal facial piercings, well covered naval piercings and small studded earrings are allowed For most activities we recommend that no socks be worn due to safety concerns. There are certain skills your instructor may give the option to use socks for. No shoes are required - you will need to leave your shoes and bags in the cubbies at the front of the studio. Please bring a water bottle with you – we have a sink where you can refill it. We do not have a dedicated space for you to get changed so it's better for you to come dressed ready for class. There is a bathroom in the building that is shared with the other building occupants.
  • Where is Island Circus Space?
    We are located in unit 3 - 625 Hillside Ave in Rock Bay. We recommend you locate us through Google and leave a few minutes early the first time you come to the studio. It's important you do not miss the warm up for safety reasons. We are in the building on the corner of Rock Bay ave and Hillside ave. and our entrance can be found by entering into the parking lot (we are next to Dentex) Neighborhood: We are located in Rock Bay. At night the area may attract individuals with bad intentions, therefore please do not leave any valuables in your car and be sure to lock your bike with a theft proof lock if no space is available on our indoor rack.
  • How do I purchase classes and/or memberships?
    New students: Welcome! Get $10 off your first class with the code FIRST All Class passes and Memberships: Our membership structure is designed to make taking as much circus as is good for you, accessible. You can find all of the information about memberships on the Pricing page. After you find the membership/class pass that is right for you, simply click on the button next to it and follow the directions to login/create an account and process your payment. Please note that purchasing a membership or class pass does not register you for any classes. Once purchased you must then go in and find the class you wish to register for and reserve your spot.
  • Are there any prerequisites for the classes?
    Yes, some classes do have prerequisites and some do not. We ask students to familiarise themselves with and respect the prerequisites listed to maintain class equilibrium and safety. Have a look at the classes page to see the prerequisites for each class. Not sure what we're talking about...? A prerequisite is a skill/move/level of bodily awareness that we require students to have to be able to register for certain classes. This is for safety and enjoyment of everyone. The coach will assume you meet the prerequisites and therefore it could be unsafe if you do not. If you attend a class and the coach deems that you are in the incorrect level they will let you know. You may only move up a level if preapproved by your current coach.
  • How do I reserve my spot in a class?
    This can only be done once you have registered an account with us (see above steps) After you have purchased a class pass or membership, then you are ready to reserve your spot in a class. From a Desktop computer: Click on Adult Classes and read the descriptions and prerequisites for each class that is of interest to you. Once you decide on a class, click "Sign Up" and follow the directions from there From the Mindbody App: Download the “Mindbody: Fitness, Salon & Spa” app, login with your account that you have already created, search for Island Circus Space, and tap the heart to add us to your favourites so you can find us easily, find the class that works for you and click 'Sign up' *Using the app to register is a very efficient way to reserve your spot in a class once you have a good understanding which classes and levels are right for you. Be sure to be aware of all prerequisites before registering for a class. We recommend checking out our policies so you're aware of our late cancellation window and other important information
  • If I/my child have a disability, am I/are they able to participate?"
    Each person is unique and so are we! We kindly ask you to consult us to find the best fit for you.
  • Where can I park?
    We have STREET PARKING ONLY. Aside from two visitor spots, all other parking stalls within the lot are reserved for owners of the surrounding units. Please respect our neighbours and do not park in their spots. Parking in reserved spaces may result in a ticket or your vehicle being towed
  • Can I ride my bike to Island Circus?
    Biking is strongly encouraged, but please be sure to use a theft-proof bike lock and secure it to the bike rack provided next to the green garbage bin at the side of the building. There are also 3 bike racks available inside the studio which can be used in a first-come first-served manner
  • Can I get public transport?
    Yes, we are centrally located so there are many many bus routes that travel to our area. See the BC Transit website HERE
  • Do you have storage lockers?
    We do not have lockers but we do have cubbies that we ask you to place all your belongings in prior to class. Please keep all belongings off of the gym floor and out of the way.
  • What if I am late to class?
    If you are a few minutes late, no worries! Join in the class for warm-up as soon as you can. If you missed warm-up, please be sure to take a few moments to warm yourself up and join in when ready. Please take care not to disrupt the class.
  • How far in advance can I book my classes?
    You can sign up for classes for the whole session ahead! This is however limited to 2 months ahead if you have a monthly membership, due to system limitations. Please be aware of our cancellation policies
  • I am injured/sick, can I still come to class?
    Until you are well or recovered we ask that you please stay at home
  • Where do I get the most current information about ICS?
    Our website, the Mindbody app and our social media (Instagram & Facebook) will always have the most up-to-date information. If you'd really like to stay in the loop with all of our happenings, we recommend signing up for our newsletter! We send out a monthly update there
  • Am I able to watch?
    From our experience most students perform and learn better in classes when family members or friends are not watching. For this reason we have a closed studio learning environment.
  • How do I cancel a class I'm registered for if I realize I can no longer make it?
    To cancel a class reservation, simply log back into your online account, open the "My Info" tab and click on "My Schedule". Locate the scheduled class that you wish to cancel and click "cancel" on the right side of the page and the pass will move back to your account for you to use at a future date. Please note that if the button says "Late Cancel" this means that you are no longer within the period that you will retain credit for the class. If you click the late cancel button your pass will not be returned to your account and you will be charged for the class. Cancellation windows: Up until 24 hours before the start of your class: your pass will be refunded to your account Within 24 hours of the start of your class: you will be charged for the class
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