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The Team

Meet the Owners

Lisa Eckert

Lisa was born in Victoria, Canada. Growing up you would say she was a bit of an attention seeker; she performed ABBA concerts in her living room and elaborately choreographed dance and gymnastic routines with her friends.

A culmination of these talents were reached when she graduated The National Circus School of Montreal in 2010 as a partner acrobatic flyer on trampoline. After she then went on to gain 2 ½ years of touring experience with Cirque Eloize where she discovered Cyr Wheel. Following Eloize she has worked with Les 7 Doigts de la Main, Les Productions Haut-Vol, and most recently Australian based company, Circa Contemporary Circus. Lisa has performed in over 15 countries, two international circus festivals, and a 6-month run of Wunderkammer in Berlin’s Chämeleon Theatre.

Lisa loves to geek out with music research, going for a good libation with friends and simply pressing next episode on Netflix.

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Cyr Wheel, Handstands, Partner Acro, Stage Craft, Flexibility and more!



Coral Crawford was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It was there that she was first exposed to gymnastics and the upside-down life, and since then she has never looked back.

Training and competing as a competitive gymnast and dancer allowed her excel in the physical arts, but it wasn’t until she moved to Vancouver, BC that she discovered circus, an art form that allowed her to combine all of her passions into one. While in Vancouver Coral trained and performed with The Underground Circus where she trained in aerials, hand balancing and partner acrobatics.

Aside from receiving her bachelor’s in Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Saskatchewan, Coral is also a NCCP certified gymnastics and trampoline coach, and certified AcroYoga teacher. When not training circus you can usually find Coral exploring the BC coast, dabbling with guitar, working as an Orthoptist, or eating sushi and handstanding with friends.

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Aerial Silks, Hammock, Handstands, Partner Acro, and more!


And meet the staff!

Island Circus Space - Victoria BC Portra

My mum set up a trapeze for me when I was two, and I’ve hated touching the ground since. My favourite apparatus is the silks, especially when I can do big drops and strength-moves! Nothing excites me more than seeing one of my students nail a trick for the first time. I also love doubles trapeze and have been exploring rope and partner acrobatics.

Aerial Silks, Aerial Hammock



Jade started training circus in Vancouver when she was 8 and coaching at Circus West at 14 then continued on until she graduated high school. Not knowing what to do after high school she took a break for a while to travel. When she got home she started training again, focusing on ball juggling and handstands. Then in April 2018,  moved to Victoria to take the Emergency Medical Responder course at the Justice Institute of B.C.. And now is very excited to get back into the circus world!

Handstands,  Juggling, Kids Classes and more!


Jenna’s introduction to circus started with pole fitness classes in 2013. After spending a few months taking pole classes she slowly started to try other circus disciplines including; aerial hoop, handstands, flexibility, partner acrobatics, and dance trapeze. Jenna’s background in competitive gymnastics as a youth has complimented her circus training. 

Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, Partner Acro, Handstands, Flexibility and more!



An accomplished and well traveled professional circus artist, Kaelyn’s roots are anchored on the west coast of Canada. Growing up in Victoria, she began training at age five with Falcon Artistic Gymnastics. Following a sucessful competitive gymnastics career, she discovered a passion for circus when she moved to Montreal to begin training at the prestigious École nationale de cirque (ENC). She graduated from ENC with a diploma in the circus arts specializing in Double Bar trapeze, and since then she has been performing around the world. She has worked for internationally renowned circus companies such as Les 7 doigts de la Main, Cirque Éloize, Palazzo, Circus Roncalli, Chamäleon Theater, Brix Productions and MS Europa 2.

A hard-working and down to earth performer by nature, Kaelyn is recognized especially for her ability to blend power and grace in her highly acrobatic and stunningly beautiful aerial numbers.

Trapeze, Hoop, Silks, Hammock, Flexibility, Straps, and more!



Rose McTavish is a recent graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts. Originally from Vancouver, she trained and performed with CircusWest for 11 years. After high school, Rose began studying English at Simon Fraser University. Missing performing too much, she then came to Victoria to study Musical Theatre at CCPA. Since moving to Victoria she has reconnected with the circus community and is excited to be teaching here at Island Circus Space. Her theatre experience continues to inform her circus work, and vice versa.

Silks, Cyr Wheel, Juggling, Straps, and more


Beerfest Island Circus Space-12.jpg

Originally from Melbourne Australia, Sophie has been performing since the age of five.  With a passion for the performing arts, physical theatre, healing and being happy, she loves working with different cultures and people of all ages.   Sophie has a diploma in Circus Arts, won a scholarship for Musical theatre and film, studied Flamenco dance in Spain, trained in classical Mask work in Cambodia, worked with Patch Adams and 100 other clown doctors in Peru and toured the world with her Circus Theatre Company based in New Zealand.  She has been teaching circus, singing, dance and the performing arts for over 13 years. She very much enjoys sharing her skills and passion for the arts in a healthy, positive, uplifting and educational way. Since becoming a mother of her own children, her passion for performing and teaching has continued even stronger.  Sophie is also passionate about sustainability, gardening and eating healthy good food. She likes to stay positive, mindful, and compassionate and be a loving human who is always striving to be a better person in this world.

Hula Hoop, Silks, Trapeze, Hoop, Juggling, Kids Classes and more!


Island Circus Space - Victoria BC Portra

Suzanne has dreamt of running away and joining the circus ever since she was a little girl. At the ripe age of four, she would turn her picture book of circus acts to the page with the flying trapeze and proclaim her future plans. It wasn’t until decades later that she stumbled across an actual flying trapeze school and realized that circus was a thing people could learn. This discovery was life-changing, and a long arduous journey of self-discovery and transformation began as a rather unfit Suzanne slowly began acquiring knowledge and strength from scratch. She will tell whoever will listen that there is no greater feeling than accomplishing a new skill that was not possible the day before, and that while circus can be hard and even painful – it is worth it.

An academic researcher by trade, Suzanne has a MA degree in Sociology and spends her days working on various social research projects. She lives a rather nomadic life and can often be found training in Los Angeles, New York City, White Rock, and of course, at Island Circus Space! 

Open Training Facilitator



Rebecca distinctly remembers her first time she tried aerial silks, and she has been hooked ever since! As a teenager sh joined a circus performance team in her hometown of Toronto and found incredible joy in creating shows and performances with the team. Since moving to Victoria for school and joining the Island Circus Space team Rebecca has had the opportunity to try out many new circus disciplines and expand the ones she already knew, and her love for circus continues to grow! Rebecca is very passionate about circus believes it is a great way to build confidence, creativity, and body awareness. Her favourite part of coaching is seeing students grow more confident with themselves and the skills they can do.

Aerial Silks, Hammock, Kids Classes and more!


Island Circus Space - Victoria BC Portra

Tom started training with Island Circus Space in September 2018 and fell in love with aerial hammock. He loves the challenge that it brings and finds it to be a fantastic workout (and a blast at the same time!). While not getting into circus arts until his adult years, Tom has competed in swimming and volleyball, and took part in gymnastics, skiing, and snowboarding in his younger years. He has an undergraduate degree in Greek and Roman studies and is a Provincial employee by day. He also volunteers with and supports local theatre in Victoria. Tom is excited to share his joy for aerial hammock with others!

Aerial Hammock



A seasoned performer, Talia began her story in dance at the age of 5. Beginning her aerial career in the silks, Talia later discovered aerial hammock and instantly knew that was the apparatus for her. She loves having the opportunity to showcase the immeasurable possibilities of this apparatus.

Aerial Hammock



Angela has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering but in her spare time, she can be found hanging from the ceiling at Island Circus Space dancing in the aerial silks. Angela has been taking circus classes at Island Circus Space since February 2018, and while she spends most of her time focusing on the aerial silks, she regularly takes as many circus classes as possible. Angela is also a helper in the beginner silks classes and in training to become a kids circus instructor!

Aerial Silks



Rosa’s passion for hula hooping began 9 years ago at a music festival when she first saw a girl spinning a hoop around her hips. This love of hoops sparked her interest in other circus disciplines. When she heard that Island Circus Space would be opening in her hometown, Victoria, she looked into the classes that would be offered. This is how she discovered cyr wheel, which at first glance, appeared to be a larger version of the hula hoop! She signed up for the first session of classes and, of course, was immediately hooked. 

Cyr Wheel Jam Facilitator



Wylee can often be spotted working on her duo aerial silks moves and learning a variety of circus disciplines between life as a student. She enjoys being apart of the circus community, building strength and flexibility, while learning new skills. She finds aerial silks to be the perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life. Wylee has been training steadily since September and helps out in foundation aerial silks.

Open Training Facilitator