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Check out our KIDS CIRCUS CLASSES in action!

Check out our KIDS CIRCUS CLASSES in action!

Our Kids Program:

At Island Circus Space, we offer 4 different types of classes for kids: Circus Introductions, Circus Fundamentals, Circus Intermediate, and the Focus Program. You can take a look at detailed descriptions of each class type below. Our classes are divided up by experience level and by age. Prerequisites and age requirements are detailed below. Circus Introductions classes run in short, two-month sessions, while our other classes run in two five-month sessions: A Fall session from September to January, and a Spring Session from February to June.

Spring Break Camp Registration open now!
View the camp schedule HERE

Want a heads up when it's time to register? 
If you are interested in our classes or camps and would like to be notified via email when the next round of registration opens, please fill out our "Notify Me" Form to stay in the loop for the next session. If you are interested in more than one class for more than one child, please fill out the form more than once
All currently enrolled families will receive an email every time registration opens for a new session and for camps, but if you would like to continue to be notified when you are no longer enrolled, you need to fill out the form.