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Progressive series &  workshops

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Act Creation
workshop series

When approaching building an act there are many paths to take, but too often we just stand at the crossroads and panic. This workshop is designed to help equip you with a toolkit as you approach creating something - whether it’s your first piece or your 94th. I won’t be creating choreography for you, but expect to walk away with a roadmap to help you navigate creation, the start of an act (or the whole thing!) and a checklist of things to not forget about as you continue creating.

Each week we'll unpack concepts like exploring tempo, connection, ways to translate intention to expression, and how to find your own variations and creations inside the repertoire you already know! This series also wraps up before the act submission deadline for the next Cabaret, so we can also help you create an act to submit for that the Cabaret is an objective of yours.

Prerequisites: Have a small sequence assembled (not committed to) that connects movements you know already, that can take up about 1 minute. You won't be fixed to it, and we'll evolve more on it. For Aerial students that might be as little as one climb, one flow pathway, one pose and one drop. Aerialists should be comfortable and safe spending 1 minute in the air at least 5 times within an hour. Ground artists should be able to also flow through a few skills consistently. Partner acts are also welcome!

April 29th - May 20th

8:40 - 9:40 pm
$90 for all classes

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