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workshops & Progressive series


February 7th - March 5th

This workshop series is designed to take you from wherever you are in your handstand journey to the next level available to you. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience or you can hold a one arm handstand we will help you understand where you can go from there.


Starting with physical preparation and basic conditioning for wrists, forearms and shoulders all the way to learning how to kick up and exit safely out of a freestanding handstand. 


Learn how to correct your balance when upside down with rebalancing drills and gain a theoretical and practical understanding of the alignment of the straight handstand.

Handstands take a long time to master and the goal of this course is to provide you with a framework and get you comfortable with it so you can practice handstands safely at your own pace.


Let’s get real, handstands are hard, doing them regularly is even harder. This workshop series is designed with consistency with your training in mind therefore we offer 2 classes per week with instruction and an open training with a coach present for your questions. We will also provide a customized training program by the end of the series based on your skill level. 

Open training will be held on Sundays 5:40 - 6:40pm


Lastly, students who will attend this workshop series will be added to a group chat where they can share their daily practice videos and get form checks on a daily basis.

No prerequisites required other than general good health


Example Topics to cover based on your skill level

  • Assessment and Bailing

  • Theory: Physics, styles, getting upside down 

  • Preparation: Warmup, Wrist, forearm and shoulder prep

  • Conditioning drills and using the wall 

  • Alignment drills

  • Rebalancing 

  • Kickup 

  • Freestanding Handstand

  • Advanced entries and exits 

  • Shapes and how to approach them

  • Transitions and shape changing 

  • Advanced rebalancing

  • Press conditioning

  • Strict form HSPU progressions

  • Press approach and technique 

  • Flexibility and Mobility Drills for shapes

Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:30-8:30pm 

Sundays Open training 5:40-6:40pm 



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