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Creative Stage Craft 

with Lisa

Using music as a jumping off point to create an act

Music is a great method used to kickstart the process of creating an act. In this coaching series you will gain tools that you can apply when building your own creative works. We will also work together on implementing creative feedback in order to develop an act!

Once your first draft act is submitted and registration is closed, the series will begin by Lisa giving you her first round of notes and thus the rounds of Creation. Feedback. Revision will begin. 

What to expect:

  • You will have a total of 2 hours of Lisa’s coaching/feedback time. Lisa will communicate your remaining time to you with each round of feedback. 

  • Along with the feedback you can expect additional challenges. These challenges may include changes in music, new starting points, constraints, or other creative prompts. Once this feedback is received, you will implement the challenges into your act and submit the new video for another round of feedback. 

  • Music is provided. There are 3 songs only to choose from. This is the jumping off point, be as creative as possible!

  • Physical components of the act should be within your comfort zone - we’re not working on acrobatic technique, more on stagecraft, presence and creativity!

  • Please keep in mind, the goal of this series is to practice turning work around quickly and releasing any attachments we may have to any particular aspect of the piece. Therefore, for this exercise, it is best to start a fresh routine rather than using an act that you have been building for a while. For this reason, the piece you create for the session will be short and only about 2-4 minutes long!





How to enroll:

Things to Note

  • Please no makeup, costumes or other theatrics for this piece; just you!

  • Aim to spent the vast majority of the act on your apparatus/doing your discipline 



  • Enrollment open now until May 31st 

  • First video must be submitted by May 31st

  • Space is limited to 10 students - first come first serve

  • Open training times are not included in the price of the session 

  • No refunds will be provided for any unused allotted time

  • Enrollment is not complete until you have submitted your first video

  • Acts are to be kept at around 2-4 minutes

  • The session runs for no longer than 2 months from enrollment (ends 31st July)

Sound good?